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In today’s credit happy world, it’s important to understand what credit is and how to keep it from piling up as overall debt

Edmonton, AB August 12, 2016 (McGuire Financial Group): As most Canadian adults today have at least one credit card, there is always the chance debt will pile up.

But there are options and ways to avoid having this type of debt add up and cause stress in you and your family’s lives. Delinquent credit card debt will lead to a lower credit score, which can affect a number of other aspects of your financial life like eventually getting a mortgage and other big life purchases.

By creating a monthly budget and ensuring the balance of your credit card(s) is paid off after each purchase or at the same time each month, the odds of creating any unnecessary debt is depleted.

If debt does start to add up, credit and debt counsellors can also provide tips and plans to help repay the debt that is owed. Reviewing monthly expenses and writing them down to see where savings can be made is a great place to start, as seeing those purchase – sometimes unnecessary ones – on paper can be a good wake up call.

Credit card debt doesn’t have to be a normal aspect of life if the proper steps are taken. They are there in case of emergencies and by understanding what comes along with owning a credit card means will allow a person to be smart when it comes to purchases and paying them off as soon as possible.

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