We’ll Help You Navigate the Tricky Waters of Health Spending

Health Spending Accounts

Meet Tom, a seasoned business owner who competes for talent in a tight labour market. He needs a benefits plan that employees and recruits will appreciate. Times are tight so controlling costs year over year is critical. Let’s review the TRUE VALUE PLAN.

The TRUE VALUE PLAN is designed especially for business owners who are searching for something different in terms of controlling the escalating costs of the traditional employee group benefits plans. We combine the flexibility of a Health Spending Account with traditional catastrophic coverage (pooled) to give employees flexible options – the only limit on spending is the amount available in their account. You don’t have to pay premiums for services they won’t use and you decide how much you want to contribute – you control the budget. If they don’t use it, the funds carry forward for their future expenses – 100% value.

Why should you consider a Health Spending Account?

What’s Covered?

What Else Makes a Health Spending Account a Great Option?

Fewer limitations – no longer are you or your Members subject to the strict benefit options the insurance company chooses to cover. If you want to spend all your funds on orthodontics or massages, you can! Your only limitation with a health spending account is the amount available in the account.


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