My Plan For Living To 156 – Dan Sullivan


Most people’s notion about how long they’re going to live is an oppressive thought. They feel confined by a certain number of years, an age expectation based on family history and averages. But what if you could extend your lifetime? How would adding extra years impact the way you live now?

Dan Sullivan’s goal of living to 156 may sound outrageous at the outset. But you’ll soon find that the imagination can have a huge impact on your behavior, and a simple mindset shift can literally change every thought you think.

This audiobook will help you discover how to:

  • Stop feeling nostalgic about the past
  • Start feeling excited about the future
  • Increase your awareness about being healthy and fit
  • Experience milestones you’ve only dreamed of
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Expand your earning potential
  • Reshape your thinking and mindset
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Feel less stress and pressure
  • Gain a new appreciation and optimism for life

Isn’t it time you extended your lifespan? Enjoy a personal transformation, starting today!


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