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More ways to learn about The Bankers’ Secret™ than ever before!

In today’s world, there are so many ways to consume information that we have decided to catalog all our different types of media into one handy to use page. In here you will have your choice of how you want to digest the information, whether it be via Video, Audio or Written Text. Whatever way you prefer to learn, we have a system for you!

How do you like to learn? We offer Video, Audio and Text.

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Are you a visual learner? A lot of people are. Which is why we have created The McGuire Financial Youtube channel, where we will be uploading all of our Bankers’ Secret™ Podcasts as well as a host of other Bankers’ Secret™ related content to help you gain a better understanding about what you can do for your money and what your money can do for you.

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Too busy to watch something? Prefer to listen on your commute? Well, we have you covered! We recently began uploading all of our Bankers’ Secret™ Podcasts to lots of different platforms, so you can always keep up to date with the best way to save your money. Whether you’re listening at work or on the go, The Bankers’ Secret™ Podcast will keep you informed.

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If you are more of a traditionalist and would like to learn about The Bankers’ Secret™ through text, then we also have the links you need to get you on your way to becoming your own personal banker. We’ve spent years documenting all the steps, tips that you will need to take control of your money, out of the banks hands, and back in your own.

0: Introduction

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If Audio books are your thing we have also made ‘The Bankers’ Secret – A Simple Guide to Personal Wealth for Canadians’ available for you to listen to. In this audio book, you will get a guide to creating your own personal wealth as well as learning how you can become your own banker.

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About Your Webinar Host – Glen Zacher, CFP

Glen P. Zacher, CFP has been in the Financial Services industry since 1996. Glen is a Certified Financial Planner (since 2000) and co-author of “The Bankers’ Secret” (registered Trademark of McGuire Fin Inc). Glen has received high honors from Canada’s Top Investment & Insurance companies, also rated as Top Three Best Financial Services in Edmonton. Glen has coached many of the top Advisors in Canada, giving them the necessary tools to succeed in their careers.
Glen hosts the “Talk to the Experts” – AB #1 Talk Radio show. He has been heard on radio in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Toronto. Glen has been featured on the Corus Radio Network, 630Ched, NewsTalk 770, Shine105.9, AM1150, TheBear, 640AMGlobalNews, TSN1260AM, & Equitable Life of Canada. Glen regularly appears as a speaker “The Wealthy Entrepreneur” seminar for Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists & Business Owners.
Integrity is the cornerstone to everyone at McGuire and the foundation is to educate & empower our clients to take control of their finances. We do events for Businesses, Professional and Families. We have developed a Team and Affiliates, who have the experience & sought after expertise to serve our clients nationwide.
Glen is a member of FP Canada & Million Dollar RoundTable (Top of the Table Member). Glen attends several coaching & educational events – Strategic Coach, Circle of Wealth, Glazer Kennedy, Training Business Pro’s, Elite MM, Coach Blueprint, AICPA, IDCWIN, etc.
Glen leads the industry with public educational events, recently – Retirement Ready or Not – as well SuperConference, Ultimate Wealth Day have featured guest speakers – R Nelson Nash, Robert (Bob) Shiels, Robert Murphy, Paul Tobey, Brent Kesler, Mark Guthrie & Mike Riley.