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Not Everyone Can Manage Adwords Properly.
We Specialize In Getting Your Company a Steady Stream of Qualified Leads at a Reasonable Cost Per Lead.
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What Does Your Adwords Assessment Include?
  •  Do you have the proper campaign settings? 
  • Very often our new Adwords clients have completely ineffective campaign settings.  For example: non-targeted search areas, mixing display and search together, using Google search partners etc.

  •  We will examine your keyword phrase choices and historical search terms.
    There is a big difference between phrase, broad and exact match keywords, not to mention broad match modifiers.  You could be paying for search terms that are ineffective and missing out on some search terms that could make a big difference in your conversion rates.

  •  Do your ads compel the reader to take action? 
  • Are your ads passive or active?  We use special hypnotic language that connects with the reader's sub-concious mind.  We'll be able to tell you if your ads could be written more effectively to create better conversions.

  •  Are you capitalizing on remarketing? 
  • Very few clients that come to us have any remarketing let alone setting it up properly.  We'll examine the remarketing possibilities and help you understand why it's so important to use this very effective marketing technique.

  •  Are you using the proper bidding procedures?
  • Whether you're using automated or manual bidding is important.  We'll know the possibilities and how we can save you money and get you more targeted traffic.

  •  Do you need to be using ad extensions?
  • Ad extensions can really help an ad reach more viewers and create higher conversions, but which ones work best?  That's for us to find out.

  •  Are you using landing pages instead of information pages?
  • Where you send Adwords traffic is just as important and who you're sending.  We'll verify your landing pages to see if you're truly making good use of your PPC traffic.  The fact is: most companies send traffic to their home page or random information pages.  That's a very bad idea.

  •  What else will we do?
  • Well... we'll do many more things.  Essentially we'll analyse everything from top to bottom and give you are assessment on what can be optimized and what you should leave alone.  In the vast majority of cases, we've helped companies pay less for traffic and get higher conversions.  Exactly what you want, isn't it?
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